Facts About OCD and the Stigma of Misunderstanding in Today’s World

OCD is a very real and very painful mental illness which is centered in the frontal lobes of the brain. The brain chemical that is most involved in OCD is called Seratonin.


Many times just like all other mental health disorders, the sufferer feels alone, families don’t understand or they accuse the sufferer of all sorts of things including faking their symptoms. OCD comes in many forms. Just to name a few they are HARM OCD, RELIGIOUS OCD, POCD and the extreme fear of germs. This is a very shortened list of all the manifestations of OCD.  In more developed country’s there is a bit of stigma even in this day and age regarding mental health disorder’s but the saddest issue of all is that in less developed county’s the mental health patient is literally looked upon as weak or crazy. Stigma runs so high and good or available mental health care is not always very good and many people in more remote very poor countries who have no access to transportation, have absolutely no chance to get medical care.  Mental health issues are as REAL as cancer or heart disease. Personally I look at all brain disorders as truly physical as they all are caused by a persons brain chemistry which is usually unbalanced. When mental illness is looked at in this way it is very evident that the brains neuro transmitter’s are a physical not imagined thing. OCD is one of the more misunderstood mental health disorder’s there is. I personally have come to know many many sufferer’s who have zero access to medical care, zero family support just nothing. The utter loneliness and despair that alone would cause is beyond imagination. It is my hope that more and more especially through social media those people in underdeveloped countries especially will become less and less. One more interesting aspect of an ocd sufferer is that we in general have higher than normal IQ’s and also we most always are the most empathy filled people on earth. OCD remission is possible. Remission length cannot be determined and there is no cure at this time for ocd. I have personally been in full remission for over 2 years. Medication called SSRI’S was essential for my remission as was and is the continuing support from the many ocd support groups available on Facebook.


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