Charlotte says Facebook also helped her in her 100% remission from OCD

No doubt to live with a mental illness like OCD is real tough ask. But its also a fact that remission from OCD is possible at least that’s what I believe now after reading Charlotte’s story of her remission from OCD. Here is Charlotte’s story of remission from OCD in her own words…


I have suffered from the disease of obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD, my entire life, up to just over two years ago. I am now in 100 percent OCD remission. And I just wanted to put this out there to anyone still suffering. There IS hope, there IS remission and your life CAN get so much better, for me my life has improved by leaps and bounds and I owe it all to ssri meds which are generally the kind of medication that is used for ocd treatment, along with depression and sometimes anxiety. I didn’t remember actually looking for any ocd support groups online through facebook, I mean, why would I, I didn’t even know they existed prior to the last 2 plus years. I came across them by pure chance. I was vigorously researching anything and everything I could get my hands on to find a cure for ocd, I had HAD IT!! My life was consumed by the disease at that point and it hadn’t helped that I had a year earlier decided to go off my meds with my doctors approval. Well, now at least for me, I DO KNOW without a doubt, understand and accept fully that I am a person who definitely NEEDS my medication to keep this disease in remission. Not all people do but for me, I sure am one. The thing is, medication is only a part of the equation that added up to my remission. Finding that wonderful ocd groups DO in fact exist through facebook and I am sure through other online sites as well was priceless and I remember seeing the name of a group through my research, that’s how I found out they were available to us. Finding my very first OCD support group was amazing and I finally felt at home in that group of over 7000 people if I remember correctly. Within two weeks of joining and after about 2 months of getting back on my meds, I was asked by the administrator of that group to be on a panel of 9 support coach people. we were to help in that group and work one on one with those still suffering. I think I had maybe 10 people on average I would work one on one with. Not only joining that group but actually SEEING and EXPERIENCING on a regular basis, that I was able to help some of my other fellow ocd sufferer’s was very powerful for me. I was nearing 90 percent remission and finally I began to work on facing NOT performing my compulsions at my own comfortable pace, this therapy is called CBT and it is what took me to that 100 percent remission because quickly I was seeing that by Not giving into at first some lesser bothersome compulsions and then working my way up, I was getting better and better. Being free from ocd is contingent on the fact that I am vigilant with the knowledge that my ocd possibly could show it’s ugly face again as there is still no known cure for ocd. But my REMISSION may last the rest of my life too, it’s my great hope as remission has been amazing to say the very least. The freedom a person gets to experience opens up their entire life. I have grown more in two years from age 48 to now age 50 than I did between age 18 through 47. I also feel so much better and healthier and vibrant than I did at even age 30 because I am no longer one day at a time, under OCD’S rule.


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